Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sleds Worth Their Weight in Gold

When Nazi Germany invaded Norway in 1940, the country was taken by surprise.  The Norwegian government knew that the Nazis would take the nation's gold reserves, which amounted to over $9 million. So a daring plan was devised to secretly smuggle the gold past the occupying German forces onto a ship bound for America.  Could Norwegian children and their sleds sneak the gold out of the country right under the Germans' noses?  

Snow Treasure, by Marie McSwigan, was based on a true story during the Nazi occupation of Norway during World War II.  Depending upon the source, the book is recommended for readers ages 8-10 or 9-12. I would suggest the 8-10 age range, but that doesn't mean that older readers won't enjoy it, too.  If you like true-life adventure fiction, this book will keep you riveted.  You won't want to stop turning the pages until you've reached the very end.

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