Sunday, September 4, 2011

This Doll Will Scare You Plenty

Are ghosts real?  Can spirits of dead people haunt the living?  Well, it sometimes seems that way to the people who see or hear them.  We have a book trailer about a collection of "real life" spooky stories, which should be published sometime next year.

The author, Karl C. B. Muilliwey, has been investigating the paranormal probably longer than your parents have been alive!  That's like forever! Last year he wrote another book about an actual haunted house.  We have a book trailer for that, too.

Although these books were written for grown-ups, younger readers, particularly those in grades 5 through high school, should find the stories interesting and, to be honest, a little creepy, if they really happened.  The people Mr. Muilliwey talked with were all certain that they had experienced genuine paranormal encounters.  I like the stories, even if they're just folklore.  You can't beat a good ghost story to give you a chill down your back.

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Cauli Le Chat

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