Sunday, October 2, 2011

E is for Early Literacy Fun

Miss Jaymi and Sammy the Toucan talk about the letter E in their latest early literacy video.  Check out their blog sometime this week for a fine discussion about several great books for early readers that include the letter E.

I guess we could call them "E books," but they're not the same as electronic books, although there are some books featuring the letter E that are e-books that you can view on your Nook or Kindle or other gizmo.

Did you know that Miss Jaymi and Sammy the Toucan have their own YouTube Channel?  Click here to see it.

Hope it's okay to post the video now, Miss Jaymi. But that's my job, as our favorite Library's roving reporter--to announce breaking news. Or even news that isn't broken.  (Just a little broadcast journalism joke there.)

Since the letter "E" is for elephants and eggs (in Miss Jaymi and Sammy's blog), I thought I'd share a couple of my Library's videos about these E words.  Here is our book trailer featuring the board book Busy Elephants, by John Schindel & Martin Harvey (Tricycle Press, 2011).

Next is "Candling Eggs," which is one of Broadway Gal's videos from last March when our Library's Youth Services Department was hatching chicken eggs, which I called "chicksoons," because the eggs were soon to be hatching chicks.  It is followed by our program trailer called, "Here Come the Chicks."

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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