Saturday, October 22, 2011

Miss Jaymi & Toucan Sammy "H"owl 4 Halloween

I guess I should say right off that Miss Jaymi and Sammy the Toucan were not actually howling in their latest early literacy video, but that's another great "H" word and fits nicely into their blog topic this week.

As you can see from Miss Jaymi and Toucan Sammy's blog, the letter "H" stands for Hearts and Halloween.  I'm especially excited about Halloween, being a black cat and all.  As always, you can learn some great early literacy crafts to teach young preschool-age readers the alphabet in fun and innovative ways.  There are always cool books featured, too, on the early literacy blog.

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If you're interested in early literacy and are not following Miss Jaymi and Sammy's blog, you should be.  It's easy to follow a blog.  Just go to our early literacy blog and either sign-up to follow by email or log-in using Google Friend Connect.  Ask your grown-ups first to get permission, of course.

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