Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Fantabulous Bunny Birthday Party

Yesterday afternoon I visited Morgan County Public Library (MCPL) to attend Morgan the Library Bunny's second birthday party.  Since cats are not technically allowed inside the library, because of people's allergies, I had to visit Morgan privately, but my trusty minions were there with digital camera and my present to Morgan:  fresh carrots.  Morgan really enjoyed my gift.  I knew carrots would be a great bunny present!  You learn such things when you're a feline roving reporter.

Ms. Alyssa gives Morgan her birthday present from moi

Carrots are SO Tasty!  N'yum, N'yum, N'yum

Ms. Alyssa of MCPL was in charge of Morgan's birthday party, and she did an amazing and awesome job hosting all the kids and grown-ups who dropped by the library to wish Morgan a happy second birthday.  The stairwell overlooking Morgan's special office, which leads to the MCPL Youth Services Department, was crowded with admiring fans watching their favorite bunny at work.  In one of the children's meeting rooms, Morgan's party was just beginning when I arrived with my minions.  The cake was beautiful and tasty.

Ms. Alyssa handed out special Bunny Bookmarks to everyone attending the party, and I got a personal photo signed by Morgan.

It was a wonderful party!  Thanks for inviting me, Morgan.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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