Saturday, November 12, 2011

Secret Fun Turns Troublesome

Some things are fun at the beginning, but then the trouble starts. Paul quickly discovers this in the new children's book, Secrets of the Magic Ring, by Karen McQuestion; Vincent Desjardins, illustrator (Amazon Encore, 2011).

If you enjoyed Ms. McQuestion's earlier children's book, Celia and the Fairies, you will like this sequel. Nine-year-old Paul discovers a buried box in the hole dug for his backyard swimming pool.  The box contains a wishing ring complete with instructions.  But the find attracts unwanted attention from a stranger named Henry, who demands to have the box and its contents.  Things become even stranger when Aunt Vicky gets a much-desired wish fulfilled.  Is the ring truly magical?  Can wishes come true?  It sounds like nothing but fun, but trouble is coming, and soon.

Since the book has just recently been published, it may be a few weeks before it is available in the Evergreen Indiana online catalog. Search here to see if it is now available.

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