Monday, November 7, 2011

These T-Shirts Are the Cat's PJs

Beatrix Butterfly, flittering freelance video producer at Greenwood Public Library, and I are doing a workshop at the Indiana Library Federation (ILF) Conference on November 16, 2011.  Two of my trusted minions are helping do the presentation, and they're wearing these neat t-shirts.

Beatrix and I also made cute buttons with our pictures to distribute to everyone attending the workshop.  The pictures looks like this:

We're also handing-out some cool games for kids.  Want to see?  Sure you do.

MPL Cauli Le Chat Games for Kids

GPL Beatrix Butterfly Games for Kids

We also have a fun bookmark.  The slogan, "The power of the paw," is something that my good friend, Sparkle the Designer Cat, created, and I borrowed it because it's a really great phrase.  Sparkle is a world-famous author, after all, and writes terrific and clever stuff.

Cauli Le Chat & Beatrix Butterfly Bookmark

So, as you can see, we're giving away lots of great free goodies for our workshop.  Plus folks attending will learn how we library critters can help market libraries.  Everybody gets something special.

Your Roving Reporter On The Go,

Cauli Le Chat

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