Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Flat" Cauli Visits a Techno-Science Wonderland

by "Flat" Cauli I
MPL Special Flat Feline Correspondent

Following my Chicago trip with the Phillips family, I joined the Stamps family from my Library's Homeschool Group for an adventure trip to Bloomington, Indiana.  We visited the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology.  We picked up this cool pamphlet as our souvenir.  [Remember to click the images to enlarge, or "biggify" (as my pal Tober the Library Cat says)].

My Library friends and I took a moment to pose for the camera.

There are lots of fascinating exhibits at WonderLab.  What makes everything so interesting is that the displays are "hands-on" learning experiences.  We get to play with all kinds of science and technology stuff!  Check out this video (below) to see just how amazing air can be!

My favorite exhibit was the Red Imprint Station.  If you stood behind it, you could press your hands, face, or other objects into the red rods, and their shapes would appear impressed outward on the other side.  How cool is that?  I was even able to stand on a hand impression!

Other exhibits included the . . .

  • Water Works, where you can explore how water moves, create a vortex (like a whirlpool), a pour-and-explore basin (to learn how water can be moved around), build-it-yourself water channels and pipes (also moving water around), and a laminar lifter that shoots balls sky-high!

  • Colored Shadows/Frozen Shadows, where you can investigate the properties of light and shadows in many different ways.

  • Cosmic Dance, which has five panels that light-up randomly as they're hit by cosmic ray particles from outer space.

  • Bubble-Airium, where bubbles are used to show how geometry and science combine to create amazing structures, all made with bubbles and air.

  • Second floor zoological area, where live insects, reptiles, amphibians, fish, coral, and many other life forms are living.  There's even a tree truck with a working beehive!

  • Grapevine Climber, a two-story maze structure that shows how the world looks to plants and animals living high up in tall forests.

  • Science of Sound area, in which you can learn different ways to make musical sounds.

  • Health & Human Body exhibits that teach you about how human bodies function.

  • Fossil Digs, where you can search for fossils.

Many of the exhibits teach visitors about electromagnetism, gravity, light, color, sound, and kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion.  WonderLab was an amazing place.  I hope you can visit there sometime.

All this hands-on (or, for moi, paws-on) activity worked up quite an appetite, so the Stamps family treated moi to lunch.  We took a walk afterwards to burn-off some of the calories from the food, when I saw a bird in a tree!  Well, I thought I saw a bird.  As you know, Cauli Le Chat calls them "winged dinners," and even though I'm a "Flat" Cauli, I still have those feline instincts to hunt prey.  So I ran up the tree after the bird, but it must have flown away.  Then I realized I was too high to get down safely!  I started to howl a bit, but my friends became "monkey kids" and climbed right up the tree to help me down.  Thank goodness we didn't have to call the fire department.

After that excitement, it was time to return to Mooresville.  I had such a great time with the Stamps.  Thank you for taking me along to WonderLab.  Thanks, too, for that great lunch.  I had canned tuna-in-oil (what else?).  I like to stick with my dining favorites.

Your "Flat" Roving Reporter On The Go,

"Flat" Cauli I

Reporting For
Cauli Le Chat

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