Monday, January 16, 2012

When You Wish Upon a Star . . .

by "Flat" Cauli I
MPL Special Flat Feline Correspondent

Have you seen Walt Disney's movie, Pinocchio (first released in 1940)?  When Jiminy Cricket sings the song at the beginning and end of the movie, you know that dreams can come true.

For moi, this is certainly true.  The Alexander family, which participates in my Library's Homeschool Group, took me along on their trip to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney World and Epcot.  Both of these theme parks are truly fantastic places--literally filled with fantasy and imagination--that every young girl or boy (or "flat" kitty) has probably dreamt of visiting.  Now was my chance, and I enjoyed every minute.

Jet Landing at Orlando International Airport
(Click each photo to enlarge, or "bigify")

We flew on a jet airplane from Indiana to Florida.  It is simply amazing to look out the plane windows and see everything on the ground becoming smaller as you take-off and rise rapidly through the air.  When you reach about 5,000 feet altitude, cars and trucks look like tiny toys on roads that appear like strings running across the land.  At 20,000 feet, entire cities look like they could fit in the trunk of your family's car.  At 40,000 feet, the mountains of Tennessee, western North Carolina, and Georgia look like small bumps.  Then, when you're descending to land, it all goes in reverse, and everything becomes bigger as you approach the airport runways.

When we arrived at the airport in Orlando, we were swiftly taken to Disney World, where we stayed in a fancy hotel.  Even the bed sheets had Mickey Mouse designs on them!  We were excited that we would soon have the chance to meet Mickey in person.

We visited the Magic Kingdom, which is one of the theme resorts at Disney World.  This is the land of imagination, and we were amazed at how many different places there were.  We noticed that there were Disney Halloween decorations, because we were visiting during October.  This one was a pumpkin carved with Mickey's face.  I don't think it was a real pumpkin--it didn't smell like one--but it was very pretty and an excellent likeness.

Here I am standing at a lamp pole (with the Mickey pumpkin decoration) with my senior Alexander correspondent (remember that I don't mention first names because we want to protect our homeschool families' privacy).  We wondered when we would get to meet the Big Cheese himself (Mickey).  Get it? Big Cheese, and mice like cheese, right?  Sort of a rodent joke there.

Now, I want to assure my readers that I wasn't going to eat Mickey Mouse or anything like that.  Although cats are predators and hunt mice, we obviously wouldn't want to do that with Mickey Mouse, because he's a famous worldwide celebrity (as well as our host) and a really nice animated character to boot.  A "flat" feline like moi would never eat an animated character!  But here in Disney World, where imaginary things are quite real, we knew we would get to meet Mickey and his animated friends in person.  Wonderful things happen when you have a good imagination.

My senior Alexander correspondent and I posed before two living shrubberies in the shapes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  The Magic Kingdom castle appears in the background.

Senior Alexander Correspondent & I
on the Airplane (left) and at Disney World (right)

Senior Alexander Correspondent & I
Aboard a Disney Watercraft (left) and Monorail (right)

Senior & Junior Alexander Correspondents & I
posing with Nemo (left) at Epcot (right)

Senior & Junior Alexander Correspondents & I
pose before a palm tree in the Animal Kingdom

We met Mickey Mouse and several of his friends in person, but we weren't able to snap any photos.  We were just way too excited!  It is such a thrill to meet them, shake their hands, and give (and get) hugs.  They are so friendly and nice.

How can I describe all the amazing wonders we saw at Disney World and Epcot?  The monorails, trams, and watercraft took us around from place to place when we weren't walking.  In the Magic Kingdom, there was Main Street U.S.A., which looked like a small American town like the ones in which your great-grandparents may have grown up.  There were so many attractions in Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, and Liberty Square that there isn't enough room here to list them all.  You should see them for yourselves, and, if you haven't already, I hope you will get to visit there sometime.

Epcot shows what it's like to live in other countries around the world. You really feel like you're walking in different foreign countries as you explore the exhibits.  It was quite educational but also really fun to learn how people live in other nations and cultures.

When we reached the end of our trip, we were all sad to leave, but we had plenty of terrific memories of all the fabulous adventures we enjoyed.  Thanks again to the Alexander family for taking me on this awesome vacation.  It was a travel experience I'll always remember.

Your "Flat" Roving Reporter On The Go,

"Flat" Cauli I

Reporting For
Cauli Le Chat

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