Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zoo, Too, Plus Circle Tree & Carriages

by "Flat" Cauli I
MPL Flat Feline Roving Reporter

On December 23, 2011, Cauli Le Chat, "Flat" Cauli III, and minions visited Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo. It was a three-part series in Cauli's Cat's Eye View blog for grown-ups, and Cauli talked about the trip in this blog, too.  To read about it in this blog, click here.  For the story in her grown-ups blog, click here and here and here.  But not all at the same time!

Guess what?  I beat them all to it!  I visited Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo on December 7, 2011, with the Brewer family, who participate in my Library's Homeschool Group.

It was a beautiful night to see all the colorful holiday lights strung throughout the zoo.  Many were in the shapes of wild animals.  My chief Brewer correspondent (remember, we omit first names to preserve family privacy) had our picture taken standing in front of some of those lights.

Click Photos to Enlarge, or "Bigify"

Guess what else?  The Brewer family took me to see the reindeer.

We're Up For a Sleigh Ride, I'm Thinking

We also took the train ride, which went around many different parts of the zoo.  It was completely different riding the train at night than during the day.  The holiday light displays were beautiful, and there was a peaceful feeling in the air.

One of my favorite exhibits was the dolphin show.  Cauli, "Flat" Cauli III, and minions were not able to see it when they visited, because all the tickets had sold out by the time they arrived.  Thanks to the Brewer family, I was able to see the dolphins swimming around their pool, doing amazing acrobatic stunts that thrilled the crowd.  Dolphins are tremendously smart, so they can learn many different stunning displays of their athletic abilities.

Christmas Tree (in Background) at
Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis

Afterwards, we visited downtown Indianapolis to see the world's largest Christmas "tree," which is actually the Soldiers and Sailors Monument decorated with lights.  This has been a holiday tradition since 1962.  The monument is 284 feet, six inches tall, which is only 15 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty.

I found this video on YouTube of the 2011 tree lighting ceremony. Click the graphic below to play the video.

While we were downtown at Monument Circle, we also stopped by the carriage rides.  We got to pet some of the horseys that pulled the carriages.

We had a wonderful time at the Indianapolis Zoo and at Monument Circle.  Many thanks to the Brewer family for taking me along on their adventures.

Your "Flat" Roving Reporter On The Go,

"Flat" Cauli I

Reporting For
Cauli Le Chat

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